Brannon Finney

Boat Captain in Petersburg


Brannon Finney is a professional fisherman located in Petersburg, Alaska. She oversees a fleet of boats. Finney has been fishing the eastern waters of the Kenai Peninsula for for than two decades, capturing some of the world's greatest seafood. She visits a number of lovely places while working in the Prince William Sound, including Valdez, Cordova, Ketchikan, Juneau, Sitka, Whittier, Tatitlek, and Chenega, as part of her interesting employment.

When she is not out on the sea harvesting or in port preparing her yacht, Alaskan Girl, for her next excursion, she enjoys taking in the area's beautiful natural beauty. Whether she's glacier surfing, rock climbing, kayaking, or just meandering through one of the region's many amazing nature preserves, you'll find her snapping pictures wherever her journey takes her.

Brannon Finney and her all-female crew begin the various duties necessary to run a commercial fishing boat safely and successfully in Alaska this morning in Prince William Sound. When the whole crew is female, having a female boat captain in the entire fleet is even more unique.

According to Brannon Finney, the fact that women are just as capable as males is no longer a secret. On the other hand, living and working aboard a commercial fishing vessel is not simple! The overwhelming majority of females with whom I've talked are uninterested in what I do or how I live. However, for someone like me, there is no other alternative. I've been fishing in this region for the previous two decades. This is all I know.

Brannon Finney began his career as a crew member on fishing boats throughout his youth. She believes she initially developed her sea legs when she was approximately four years old. It's still thrilling to walk on the beach for the first time after days spent in the water. It's not unusual for your legs to behave strangely, such as taking steps you didn't want to take. It's all about reestablishing mental equilibrium and reestablishing a feeling of self-awareness.

The weather in Prince William Sound may change dramatically in a couple of minutes. Wind speeds may increase from 0 to 50 miles per hour in less than 10 minutes. You must pay close attention to what is just front of you in those waters. Commercial fishing is one of the most hazardous vocations on the planet in Alaska. Always be vigilant and maintain proper maintenance on your safety equipment. Tragic events occur much too often in our neighborhood.

The safety of her crew and the sustainability of her business are inextricably linked to the condition of her vessel. According to Brannon Finney, commercial fishing boats involve several systems and components that must be maintained consistently and carefully.

Brannon Finney continues, "Consider, for instance, the hull." Regular inspections for cracks and leaks, strained areas, rust in through holes, and stringer abnormalities are recommended. Apart from the 93-ton gross weight, you'll need to take the 93-ton vessel from the water, clean and prime all exposed portions, wash it with a pH-balanced soap, and finish with a government-compliant wax and paint.

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